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Membership dues are $20.00 a year.
Associates fee is $10.00 a day.
Hook fees are $20.00 a hook and all classes have a 50% payback.

MOTPA Classes

Our club offers something for everyone with weight classes ranging from 3500lbs to 8500lbs in five different divisions:
Div. II - 3mph topcut tire (16.9X34 max)
Div. III - 3.5mph full-cut tire (18.4X38 max)
Div.III+ - 5mph full-cut tire (18.4X38 max)
Div. IV - 8mph full-cut tire (18.4X38 max)
Altered Farm Stock 4MPH, 6MPH, 8MPH top-cut tire (18.4X38 max)